Fedilab, AndStatus, Dica

Fedilab, AndStatus, Dica - Have been playing with Fedilab, AndStatus and Dica Android Clients for the Fediverse.

I was happy with Fedilab and AndStatus except the feeds don't seem to differentiate between posts and replies. Nesting replies under posts is what I want. So I tried Dica, which has replies not shown by default but revealed under each posts Comment button, which is nice. Dica does not have anywhere near the options that Fedilab or AndStatus has. The journey continues.

Walk with Hauk - today the boy and I took walk with our location tracked by the hauk and android client and server combo. It all worked nicely. I was looking at the web interface as we went on our way.

As the data connection dropped out a few times we observed the location icon sticking to last known point, but the trail disappears off the map.

Choqok - Here is another post, this time from the Choqok KDE app. Set up was easy, and this actually had a specific Friendica option at setup. However, I have a semi-blacked out window hanging around on the desktop after account setup.

Fedilab - This app was an easier setup, and more modern looking layout than AndStatus.

AndStatus - This is a note from the AndStatus app, to add the Friendica instance I had to add my domain as an additional GnuSocial server.

First Post

Hi, this is my first post.

I have been wanting to try the Fediverse for a while, thought about Mastodon but Friendica is a good fit for my favourite tech stack.

I am PHP Developer in the education industry by day and by night, many other (wholesome) things by night.
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